Market Loss & Ordering Policies

Ordering and Payment Policy

While shopping, you may place an item in the shopping cart and continue shopping for 5 minutes with the price locked in. After 5 minutes the price will be updated to current market prices. Before you complete your purchase you must accept the Terms and Conditions set forth by RRBI. When you place an order you have locked in on the price. A lock is a contract that binds us to deliver the product at the price purchased at and also binds the customer to deliver payment by the end of the following business day regardless of price fluctuations. A lock cannot be broken if the price changes and if you do not submit payment within the time frame you will be prohibited from placing orders in the future. Checks should be postdated no later than the following business day to keep a lock and cash purchases can be completed in office after an appointment has been scheduled.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an Order Confirmation email with items bought, price per item, total price, and order number. If an Order Confirmation has not been sent, then the order has not been placed. 

Anonymous checkout is not allowed. In order to place an order you must be a registered customer. If you are concerned with your privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Payments can be made via check, bank wire, and bitcoin at check out. If paying by bank wire the wire must be submitted by the end of the following business day or the same day if ordering on a Friday. If paying with check the check must be sent and postmarked by the end of the following business day or the same day if ordering on a Friday. Personal checks are subject to a one week hold after they are received to allow them to settle in our accounts and products will be shipped out after that week. Orders paid with bank checks will be shipped the same day the bank check is received. There is no purchase maximum for bank wire transactions or checks.

Cash is also accepted as a form of payment with a limit of $9,999. If paying with cash locally, call us to schedule an appointment to come by--we do not accept walk ins to respect client privacy and security. Any orders above $10,000.00 must be made by bank wire or check. The minimum order allowed by RRBI is $100.00 unless paying with bitcoin.

Payments made by Bitcoin must be made immediately. Payments made by bank wire are due by the end of the following business day. All checks and bank checks must be postmarked by the following day. Once your payment is received, you will receive a Payment Confirmation email. You will receive shortly afterwards a Shipping Confirmation email with a tracking number. For more shipping information, read our Shipping Policy.

If there are problems with the payment, such as it’s not made on time, it’s not in the full amount, the check bounces, or you call or email to cancel the order, you will be prohibited from doing future business transactions with RRBI. If for any reason there is a problem with the order, whether RRBI is at fault or not, we may cancel the order.

If an Order Confirmation Number has been sent to you, but the payment does not come through, then we will re-open your order instead of cancel it. RRBI will create a buy back order to purchase the metal back from you. Any gains from the market will be RRBI’s to keep.

Roberts & Roberts Brokerage Incorporated does its best to ensure that all prices advertised are correct and current. If for any reason there is a problem, whether the price is wrong or there is a typographical error, we have the right to cancel or refuse any item that is incorrect. Upon finding an error we will contact you and tell you how to make it right, or cancel your order.  

At any time we reserve the right to decline and refund an order we do not wish to fulfill. 

Market Loss Policy

Once you have placed your order and received a confirmation number, your price has been locked in and your transaction may no longer be cancelled, only off set by current market values. Any difference between the price you bought and our current asking price is your responsibility. Any market gain that comes from a cancellation is RRBI's to keep.

This means that if you paid $500 dollars for a coin and wanted to cancel your order, and its current value was $450, then you would only receive $450 back.

For items purchased by RRBI, if we have given you a purchase confirmation order, your price has been locked in and your transaction may no longer be cancelled, only off set by current market values. If you cancel your order, or we do not receive the item/s, any difference between the price we bought it at from you and current market values is your responsibility.